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virtual reality

"get in the game!"

coming to dfw in the spring of 2021

Our RRQB Training QBSIM Program powered by Sports VTS allows QB’s to train at a whole new level by immersing them into a realistic virtual world that allows them to throw an actual football while being forced to react to virtual reality game plays and scenarios!


“You have a headset on, a wireless headset, so you have the freedom of movement,” said Mike Wagle, CEO of Sports VTS. “You have a real football, so you are able to drop back and throw the ball which is being captured in real time and projected into the virtual reality world instantaneously. You can find yourself on the turf and out there playing in what feels like a very immersive environment.”


“As you are playing quarterback, you are taking the snap, and there are big guys in front of you and you have a pass rush coming at you. You are trying to avoid the rush and find a lane to throw the ball and complete it downfield. With this system, you can literally complete full drives, run two-minute drills, run routes on air, do 1 on 1 drills, work 7 on 7, implement your own play script, and much more.  There really is no limit to how this technology can be utilized.”


Ted Sundquist, founder and president of Sports VTS is a two-time Super Bowl winner and former general manager of the Denver Broncos. While the virtual format is obviously fun, it is now one of the greatest teaching tools to develop quarterbacks at any level. The QBSIM program can literally collect data as plays are being made, offer customizable playbooks, utilizes motion tracking cameras, and can tell the QB how many passes they have completed in a drive along with even the velocity with which the football is being thrown, and the distance it traveled in the air among many other things!


RRQB Training is now offering this unrivaled QB training technology to quarterbacks across the DFW metroplex and beyond! Starting in the Spring of 2021, we will be launching our QBSIM program at our new training facility in the DFW Metroplex!


We will be having FREE TRAIL opportunities happening soon in the coming weeks if you or your son would like to come check it out!


Simply fill out our interest form below to learn more about our RRQB Training QBSIM program! 

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