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mechanical mastery qb training program




"CORRECT and consistent TRAINING."

“Consistent training” is NOT THE ANSWER to becoming a mechanically sound QUARTERBACK….the ANSWER is CORRECT AND CONSISTENT TRAINING!”


With over a decade of experience in training QB’s and seeing thousands of young and aspiring quarterbacks develop within our program, RRQB Training realizes that the vast majority of throwing mechanical flaws can be corrected by focusing on and instilling some main mechanical drills. Whether the quarterback we’re working with is a kindergartner just starting out, or a college or professional quarterback fine tuning his skills, there are mechanical drills that you will see us incorporate into every single training session!  Below are some of the quarterbacks that we have seen come through our program over the years...all of them started training with us as early as 5th grade and some even before that!

Alan Bowman, Michigan

Quinn Ewers, Ohio State

Ken Seals, Vanderbilt

Garret Rangel, Oklahoma State Commit


RRQB Training has now packaged these drills within an online virtual platform so that any quarterback anywhere can have access to these game changing methods at their fingertips!


This online virtual platform is comprised of instructional videos featuring RRQB Training founder Ryan Roberts along with professional tips, notes, and techniques that coincide with the video instruction so that each quarterback or QB parent can start implementing these crucial mechanical drills on their own.


To gain access to our RRQB Training Virtual Platform (OFFICIALLY LAUCHING IN THE SPRING OF 2022), simply fill out the form below and submit a one-time payment of $75. Once the payment is completed, you will receive a personal confirmation text from Ryan Roberts with the Virtual Platform access link and password so that you can immediately start utilizing our RRQB Training Virtual Platform!

Payment Protocol

All payments must be made online via PayPal.  Simply click the PayPal button below to complete your RRQB Training VIRTUAL PLATFORM payment.

We look forward to seeing your son develop into the quarterback he dreams and prays of becoming! Let’s go right now!


Thanks and God bless,


Ryan Roberts

RRQB Training

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