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written by Ryan Roberts


It's truly REMARKEABLE that two of our very own RRQB Training QB's will be facing off against each other in the Big XII Championship! Alan Bowman (Oklahoma State) will be leading the Cowboys against Quinn Ewers (Texas) and the Longhorns!


It's seems like yesterday these two young men were doing private QB lessons out at the park with me, and even competing in the same QB Competitions together in grade school as little kids!


Each of these young men have incredible journeys that have brought them to where they are today, and I wanted to give you a quick glimpse into each of their stories...



Alan started training with me when he was in 5th Grade! I remember our weekly sessions out at the field and seeing his natural gifting to throw the ball, but also his incredible leadership qualities. This young man was destined to do great things as a QB no doubt!


There was a point in 5th grade though, that for Alan, a switch was flipped! We had just finished our private lesson and I challenged him afterwards on why he hadn't been doing his drills at home. I told him that God had given him such an amazing gift to throw, but that if he didn't continue to develop his God-given gifts through hard work, that he would never achieve his dreams. Tears started coming down Alan's face in that moment, and from that point on, he was different. His work ethic was ignited and it never slowed down from that moment on.


Alan inevitably became a record breaking 4 year starting varsity QB at Grapevine High School, but his recruiting didn't take off initially.


I remember when Alan showed up to our weekly high school guy's Bible studies called 'Coach Christ' and at the end he asked the group if we could pray that he would get a D1 offer. We all gathered around him that night and prayed for him.


He received his D1 offer that week!


Alan eventually signed with Texas Tech out of high school, started multiple games at Tech as a freshman even breaking one of Pat Mahomes' passing records! Alan suffered injuries at Tech and ended up transferring to Michigan. Though he saw some playing time at Michigan, he was never named the starter. I remember texting Alan during that tough time in his life, and I said: "What verse has God put on your heart lately?" He replied with 'Romans 8:24'...


"We were given this hope when we were saved. If we already have something, we don’t need to hope for it, but if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently."


I told Alan that I would make a daily alarm in my phone at 8:24am starting that day labeled 'ALAN BOWMAN HOPE' to remind me to pray for Jesus to give him HOPE!


Nearly two years later after setting that daily alarm, it's amazing to still be texting back and forth with Alan and seeing the HOPE that he now has! Alan transferred to Oklahoma State this past year with one year of eligibility remaining, and after winning the starting QB position, he is now getting ready to compete in the Big Championship as the starting QB for Oklahoma State. Only the Lord could write a story like this!



Quinn started training with me when he was a little blonde haired elementary school kid from Southlake! I still remember our first initial private QB lessons together, and it was obvious and undeniable that he could sling the football! In our first ever QB State Championship back in 2015, Quinn dominated his division and was named the QB State Champion of Texas! Ironically, in the older age group, Alan Bowman was also dominating his division and was being named the QB State Champion of Texas as well!


I remember having lunch with Quinn's dad back when Quinn was in middle school, and we just talked through the best ways to approach Quinn's journey. His dad wanted to make sure that he gave his boy the best chance of reaching his full potential! Both his mom and dad knew that God had given their son an undeniable gift that could lead to great things later on down the road, and they were right!


Quinn was offered by Ohio State in 8th grade, and after starting at Southlake Carroll, Quinn shocked the football universe and graduated high school an entire year early to enroll at Ohio State. Quinn would later transfer back to his childhood dream school, the University of Texas, and has fought hard to transform himself into one of the best QB's in the Nation!


I remember texting Quinn a while back a picture of our new wristbands that had just come in that say: STAY STRONG! -JOSHUA 1:9


He responded and told me that Joshua 1:9 was the verse his mom used to read to him when he was a little boy when he would get scared! It's one of his favorite verses to this very day!


One of the most amazing moments of Quinn's career came this past season when he led the Longhorns to an amazing victory over Alabama! Although his performance was amazing, his interview afterwards was something I'll never forget! Check this out...

I'm so excited to see all of the great things that our young men are going to continue to accomplish and I’m so proud of all of them!

I’m extremely grateful that you have allowed me to be a part of your son’s journey! Please reach out to me if you need anything at all! "Let's go right now!"


Thanks and God bless,


Ryan Roberts

RRQB Training

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