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SELECT 7 ON 7 program




Our RRQB Training WARRIORS Select 7 on 7 Program is the premier Select 7 on 7 Organization of RRQB Training.  Our Select 7 on 7 Teams are open to all QB's and WR's ranging from 2nd - 12th grade.  All teams are coached and run by RRQB Training Certified Trainers and Coaches and built around many of our top RRQB Training QB's and their WR's.   7 on 7 is one of the greatest developmental tools in terms of preparing our QB's for game like situations.  Over the years, it has been clear that our QB's who consistently compete in 7 on 7 end up becoming some of our Top Varsity and Collegiate QB's.  Listed below are details regarding our upcoming 7 on 7 offerings:

Dates:  Fall 2020 (Starts Sunday September 26th)​

League Partner: Texas Elite 7 on 7

Location: Keller, TX


Team Fee: $2,750 (*includes up to 5 practices per season and up to 10 games all coached and run by RRQB Training Certified Coaches.  Includes all league registration fees, and official RRQB Training WARRIOR jerseys)   


Age & Grade Divisions: Ages 8-18 with 10U, 12U, Middle School & High School Divisions based on current 2020/2021 School Year.  *no 7th grade player may play in 12U Division. If your son is in Middle School currently, he will play in the Middle School Division.  The High School division consists of players currently in the 9th, 10th & 11th grades. Current 12th grade players are out of eligibility. The cutoff date on youth ages 12U and 10U is Sept 1st 2020.

Payment Protocol

All team payments must be made in full  online via PayPal.  Simply click the PayPal button below and enter the team fee amount to complete the RRQB Training Select 7 on 7 Team payment.  Thanks and God bless!

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