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My name is Ryan Roberts and I currently train RRQB Training QB Recruit BAILEY SMITH from Frisco, Texas and he is one of the most talented young men to come through our RRQB Training program. I’ve trained Alan Bowman (Texas Tech) and Ken Seals (Vanderbilt) since they were both in like 6th grade and I still train them, and I can tell you that Bailey Smith is one the most driven, hard working, and naturally gifted quarterbacks to come through our program in 10 years.  Bailey is unquestionably a Top college caliber QB.  Coming out of high school in California, Bailey went under the radar in terms of recruiting but was still able to earn a spot at Coffeyville Community College. After spending one Spring semester at Coffeyville, he inevitably made the decision to join the Army where he would thrive and become a Special Ops Army Ranger spending 3 years serving and protecting our country.  After leaving the Army, Bailey has been intensively training to pursue his QB dream at the collegiate level and beyond.  With nearly 4 years of eligibility remaining, and his school being completely paid for by the Army, this young man is simply looking for a college program where he can compete.  The lack of camp exposure due to everything going on with Covid etc., and the years spent away from the game while in the military, has put him in an uphill battle that he is ready and willing to take on if just given the opportunity.  Bailey is a natural born leader, incredibly smart, has unmatched leadership skills, a cannon of an arm, an extremely physical frame, an amazing quick release, and the athleticism to be a playmaker on the run outside of the pocket. All this young man needs is a chance. Bailey is 6’1” and a solid 200 pounds, and he is not even close to reaching his full potential. If groomed the right way, there's no telling where his talent and unwavering work ethic will take him someday.  All I’m asking you to do is to give this young man a look because I know he would undoubtedly bring something special to your program. I have listed below his contact information along with an impressive video of him working out in person.


Also, feel free to text or call me personally at 817.343.4912 if you have any questions regarding Bailey. I definitely want to do whatever I can to help him get to the next level and I’m praying you will give this amazing young man the chance we've been praying for.


Thank you so much for your time!




Height: 6’1” Weight: 200 lbs 

Contact Information

Bailey’s cell phone number: (940) 208-9045

Bailey’s Twitter: @bailey__smith15


Thanks and God bless!

Ryan Roberts

RRQB Training


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