Our RRQB Training Argyle Passing Academy is a QB and WR developmental program that is exclusive to Argyle Eagles! This training program is aimed at implementing the Argyle Eagle offensive system through training implementation replicating the current passing game at Argyle High School. This program will give Argyle Eagle QB's and WR's consistent opportunities to be trained by certified RRQB Training QB and WR trainers who will be incorporating drills and instruction to give them an 'EAGLE EDGE' that has proven to lead to State Championship level success!  This will be an amazing developmental tool for the Argyle Eagle young men as they prepare for high school football!

Here are some of the main things included within the Argyle Passing Academy:

*Exact Implementation of Current Offensive System at Argyle High School

*Specific Focus on Route Timing and Anticipation

*Professional Level Coverage Recognition and Decision Making Training

*Quarterback Accuracy and Correct Drop Sequencing 

*Route Running Techniques and Strategies

*Confidence Building and Character Lessons

*Up to 4 on-field Group Throwing Sessions every month!

Listed below is our current Argyle Passing Academy Schedule:

Specific Sunday Afternoons up to 4 sessions per month. Exact days are confirmed via text message upon completion of registration.  Join at any time.  Session confirmation text messages are sent out weekly to confirm sessions.  *official program launch date is Sunday September 25th


Sunday Afternoon Session Start Times:

5pm (6th Grade)

6pm (7th Grade)

7pm (8th Grade)


Argyle Indoor Facility at Argyle Middle School 

191 S. Highway 377 Argyle, TX

Argyle Passing Academy Membership Plan: $100/month (includes up to 4 sessions per month, no prorating of fees for missed sessions, you may join at any time and cancel at any time)

Simply fill out our form below to officially join our RRQB Training Argyle Passing Academy! 

Payment Protocol

All payments must be made online via PayPal to solidify your registration.  Simply click any of the  options below to officially complete your RRQB Training ARGYLE PASSING ACADEMY registration.  You can expect to receive a follow up confirmation text once the payment is complete. Thanks and God bless!