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"more competitive.  more realistic.  more intense!"

RRQB Training 3 ON 3 INTENSIFIED TOUCH FOOTBALL is one of the most competitive and realistic game situational training tools for quarterbacks and wide receivers that RRQB Training currently offers.  The format in which this game is played is unlike any other.  Utilizing a super fast pace, maximized pass attempts, rushers, a potential scrambling quarterback, wide receivers, and 'might be' blitzing defensive backs, all competing on a condensed playing field, this game all of a sudden becomes MORE COMPETITIVE, MORE REALISTIC, & MORE INTENSE than any other form of 7 on 7 or flag football offered anywhere!  

Below is the FORMAT & DETAILS for our upcoming 3 on 3 Tournaments:

Each team which will consist of at least 3 players (1 QB and 2 WR's/DB's). The Tournament will be double elimination format. (Complete Rules for 3 ON 3 INTENSIFIED TOUCH FOOTBALL can be found by scrolling to the very bottom of this page)


Text '3 on 3' to 817.343.4912 for a possible invite to our next 3 on 3 Intensified Touch Football Tournament

Divisions: K-2nd; 3rd-4th; 5th-6th; 7th-8th; High School (*divisions may be altered based on participants)

Important Details: All WR's and DB's must wear a mouthpiece and soft shell helmets are encouraged (soft shell helmets can be purchased online via Amazon by clicking here.)  All QB's must bring a regulation sized football based on the grade they will be in during the Fall Season of 2021 (K-3rd: K2 or Pee Wee; 4th-6th: TDJ ; 7th-8th: TDY ; High School: High School Official/GST) All players are encouraged to wear matching jerseys/shirts with their teammates who will be competing with them. 

Payment Protocol

All payments must be made online via PayPal.  Simply click the PayPal button below and enter the tournament fee to complete your event payment.  Thanks and God bless!



With the ball starting on the 40 yard line, and only utilizing a quarter of the full field (middle area to sideline), the offensive team (QB and 2 WR's) will be given 3 plays to reach the 20 yard line (K-6th will have 4 downs) and then 3 plays to score from the 20 yard line (K-6th will have 4 downs) against the opposing defense (3 Defensive Backs).


Games will consist of a running 20-30 minute clock. 


The out of bounds areas will be from the middle of the field area to the sideline and only one side of the field will be used.  The ball will be snapped approximately 1 yard inside of the sideline.  

Both receivers must be lined up on the same side as each other on the opposite side of the quarterback. 


The QB will give his WR's a route or play and once the ball is snapped to himself, the QB will have 4 seconds to throw. 


There will be a 30 second play-clock which will be kept by the field's referee.


Each team is allowed to have one player blitz the quarterback on any play starting from behind the line of scrimmage only after a 2 second pause after the snap.   The QB will be allowed to scramble only if being blitzed.  If the defensive player blitzes sooner than 2.0 seconds, it will be an offsides call on the defense.  The blitz clock is activated as soon as the defensive player starts his attack on the quarterback regardless of where he is in terms of the line of scrimmage. If a defensive player blitzes then the QB clock is no longer in effect and the QB is free to scramble and escape the pocket.


Defensively, there is no 'jamming' on the line of scrimmage.  Defensive pass interference is a spot foul and automatic first down.  Any defensive pass interference occurring in the endzone will result in a first down from the 10 yard line.  Offensive pass interference will cause a loss of down and the ball will moved back to either the 20 or 4o yard line depending on which is closer.


A player is determined down where the ball is when the player is touched.  Diving to the ground with the ball is strictly prohibited to avoid injury.    In the case of an interception, the defense can return it for a touchdown past the 40 yard line, but if the player is touched prior to the 40, then it is simply a turnover and the ball will be replaced at the 40 yard line. 


No handoffs or lateral passes are allowed unless it is after a completed pass.


A touchdown is worth 6 points, and the scoring team has the option of taking a free 1 point or going for 2 from the 10 yard line.


If a winner is not determined at the end of the running clock, each team will get one play from the starting 40 yard line spot and whichever team gets the furthest on that play will win that game. 




The document below contains a sample playbook with 20 plays that can be utilized by all RRQB Training coaches and players in our 3 on 3 Tournaments and Leagues.  These route concepts are based on basic high school, college, and professional half-field route conceptional progressions.  Simply click on the link and you will be directed to the playbook.

RRQB Training 3 on 3 Intensified Touch Football Playbook