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"more competitive.  more realistic.  more intense!"

RRQB Training 3 ON 3 INTENSIFIED TOUCH FOOTBALL is one of the most competitive and realistic game situational training tools for quarterbacks and wide receivers that RRQB Training currently offers.  The format in which this game is played is unlike any other.  Utilizing a super fast pace, maximized pass attempts, rushers, a potential scrambling quarterback, wide receivers, and 'might be' blitzing defensive backs, all competing on a condensed playing field, this game all of a sudden becomes MORE COMPETITIVE, MORE REALISTIC, & MORE INTENSE than any other form of 7 on 7 or flag football offered anywhere!  


Upcoming Tournaments: Sunday afternoon October 23rd 2022 | 1pm-6pm | Keller ISD's Vista Ridge Middle School Stadium

Format and Details:

Each team which will consist of at least 3 players (1 QB and 2 WR's/DB's). The Tournament will be double elimination format. (Click HERE to view complete Rules for 3 ON 3 INTENSIFIED TOUCH FOOTBALL )



K-2nd; 3rd-4th; 5th-6th; 7th-8th; 9th-10th (*divisions may be altered based on participants)

Team Registration Fee: $275

Registration Deadline: Extended to Sunday September 11th 2022

Field Diagram:


Sample Playbook:


The document below contains a sample playbook with 20 plays that can be utilized by all RRQB Training coaches and players in our 3 on 3 Tournaments and Leagues.  These route concepts are based on basic high school, college, and professional half-field route conceptional progressions.  Simply click on the link and you will be directed to the playbook.

RRQB Training 3 on 3 Intensified Touch Football Playbook

Important Details:


All players must wear a mouthpiece and soft shell helmets are encouraged (soft shell helmets can be purchased online via Amazon by clicking here.)  All QB's must bring a regulation sized football based on the grade they will be in during the Fall Season of 2022 (K-3rd: K2 or Pee Wee; 4th-6th: TDJ ; 7th-8th: TDY ; High School: High School Official/GST) All players are encouraged to wear matching jerseys/shirts with their teammates who will be competing with them. 

Coaching, Play Calling, and Referees: 


All play calls can be made by players themselves, a RRQB Training approved coach, or a RRQB Training trainer.  All games will be reffed as well by a RRQB Training referee.  All teams will need to have an official coach or parent on the sideline to help administrate play time and substitutions, but these tournaments are primarily aimed at developing and evaluating QB's and WR's in strategic elements of the passing game. 

5 Star QB Awards:

These tournaments are aimed at evaluating Top QB talent and serve as a recruiting tool within the RRQB Training Program.  The Top QB on the winning team or a QB who stands out to our team of trainers and recruiters will be awarded with the 5 Star QB Award within the RRQB Training program at the conclusion of each tournament.

To officially register a team for our upcoming RRQB Training 3 on 3 Tournament, simply complete the form below:

Payment Protocol

All team payments must be made online via PayPal.  Simply click the PayPal button below and enter the tournament fee to complete your event payment.  Thanks and God bless!

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