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RRQB Training 1 ON 1 QB & WR TOURNAMENTS are elite level QB & WR 1 on 1 events structured to force QB's and their WR's to go HEAD TO HEAD with other QB's and WR's of their own caliber in a ‘Tournament Style’ Competition in hopes of walking away with the CHAMPION Award!  These events will intentionally put quarterbacks and their wide receivers in a pressure packed environment to see which guys truly RISE to the top!

Below is the FORMAT for the next tournament on SUNDAY JUNE 28TH:

One round will consist of each QB and his WR competing in a 1 MINUTE DRILL competition against another QB and WR which will consist of each team striving to score within 1 minute from the 40 yard line with a maximum of 4 downs.  The results will determine the next match in the bracket.  It will be structured in elimination tournament style until a winner is determined.  The other element of the competition will be a 1 ON 1 TOURNAMENT where the QB's and WR's will compete in head to head match ups with another QB and their WR.   It will be structured in double elimination tournament style format until a winner is determined.  The final element of the competition will be a head to head red zone 1 on 1 competition between the winners of the previous 2 competition segments.  The winner will be given the CHAMPION Award!    

Below are the RULES for the event:



Each QB and his WR will be given 1 minute to score from the 40 yard with no time outs and a maximum of 4 plays against an opposing DB.  During this segment, one QB and one WR will be used to march the ball down the field and then the opposing QB and his WR will have the same opportunity to score in 1 minute as well.  The final score result will determine the next match in the bracket.  In the case of a tie, each team will get one play from the 40 yard line and whichever team gets the furthest on that play will win that match. [This round will be single elimination format]



Each QB will be given 4 plays to score from the 40 yard line (K-5th from the 30 yard line).  Each QB will get 2 series.  The out of bounds areas will be from the inside of the hash marks to the sideline and only one side of the field will be used.  The QB will give the WR a route or play and once the ball is spun snapped to himself, the QB will have 4 seconds (6 seconds K-5th) to throw.  There will be a 15 second play-clock which will be kept by the field's referee.  Defensively, there is no 'jamming' on the line of scrimmage.  A player is determined down where they are first touched with one hand below the neck.  Defensive pass interference is a spot foul and replay the down.  Any defensive pass interference occurring in the endzone will result in a replay of the down from the 10 yard line.  Offensive pass interference will cause a loss of down and the ball will moved back to either the 20 or 4o yard line depending on which is closer.  If a winner is not determined after 2 series each, each team will get one play from the starting spot and whichever team gets the furthest on that play will win that match.  [This round will be double elimination format, unless in the scenario of time constraints or delaying of game flow, then it could possibly be changed to single elimination format.]



If there are separate winners in each round, then there will be a 1 on 1 RedZone Pressure Round which will consist of each team getting 2 plays from the 10 yard line to score.  The QB's will be given added pressure by only have 3 seconds to get rid of the football (4 seconds K-2nd)  If no winner is determined after 2 series, then each team will get one play from the 20 and whoever gets the furthest will be named the winner.


Date: Sunday September 20th

Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm (Check-In starts at 1:30; Welcome & Warm-Up will start at 1:45;  First games will start precisely at 2pm; Finish time could be prior to 5:30 or after 5:30 depending on event flow)

Location: Covenant Christian Academy  901 Cheek-Sparger Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034

Team Fee: $175 (minimum of two players required, no maximum, 3-5 is ideal)

Divisions: K-2nd; 3rd-5th; 6th-7th; 8th-9th; 10th-11th (*divisions may be altered based on participants)

Important Details: All WR's and DB's must wear a mouthpiece and soft shell helmets are encouraged (soft shell helmets can be purchased online via Amazon by clicking here.)  All QB's must bring a regulation sized football based on the grade they will be in during the Fall Season of 2020 (K-2nd: K2 ; 3rd-5th: TDJ ; 6th-8th: TDY ; High School: High School Official/GST) All players are encouraged to wear matching jerseys/shirts with their teammates who will be competing with them.

Registration Deadline: September 6th

Payment Protocol

All payments must be made online via PayPal.  Simply click the PayPal button below to complete your event payment.  Thanks and God bless!

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